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Digging the Wells

Mini Boot Camp (5-Days Training)
Training Period: Monday to Fridays
Dates: Contact us for specific dates.

This will be a five-day intensive training camp with two clear goals:


       (1) Applicants will be taught the mysteries of digging deeper wells in their own spirit, resulting in deeply personal and tangible interactions with the God of the Bible.

       (2) Applicants will begin to transition from prayer warriors to effective Intercessors who can open the heavens to connect with the heart and mind of God on behalf of His purposes. 


Set Apart

Boot Camp (6-Months Training)
Training Period: Contact us for dates.

God is raising a priesthood that can stand worthy before God on behalf of His purposes.

Applicants in this program have committed themselves to 6 months of full-time engagement at a specific missionary training center s. Training will include an active mission deployment in mission fields led by our covenant partners.

More information and including the application form is available on the link below.


"Shayne Payne and his team created a very creative/effective atmosphere to learn. The "Set Apart Boot Camp" was extremely helpful to me. It clarified biblically certain aspects of my assignment to intercede for the City and how to do it effectively. The section on "Worthy Priesthood" challenged me to review my services to the LORD and humanity, first as priest unto the LORD then priest unto the people as a servant of God. I am looking forward to the next session"

- Dr. Jacobs Obamedo

Newark NJ   

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