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Set Apart Boot Camp

Raising a priesthood that can stand worthy before God on behalf of His purposes.

Applicants in this program have committed themselves for 6 months of full-time engagement at a specific missionary training center. Training will include an active mission deployment in mission fields led by our covenant partners.

Life at the training centers is established upon these three foundation stones:

  •  My life is not my own; it belongs to Jesus Christ.

  •  I live only to pursue and fulfill the purposes of God.

  •  I will submit to the Law of Love.


The lifestyle necessary to live out these principles follows. These will govern the day to day activities in the training center. 

  • A Lifestyle given to the word of God

  • A lifestyle of praise and worship responding to the Word of God

  • Deep communion and travailing prayer that births Gods purposes

  • Prophetic insight

  • Subduing/crucifying the flesh

  • Spying on the enemy

  • Assigning purpose to time


Upon completion of the training each revival carrier will understand and can model the lifestyle necessary to:

  • Raise effective altars or repair broken altars anywhere in the world.

  • Open the heavens and draw the presence of God on that altar.

  • Engage in spiritual warfare to destroy personal darkness and its effects.

  • Raise disciples who can engage in spiritual warfare to break the grip of darkness over territories.

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