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Elim Global

Missions Initiative

"A place where army of revival carrier missionaries are raised"

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About Elim Global

Missions Initiative 


Elim Global Missions Initiative (EGMI) serves as a catalyst for spiritual awakening and revival around the world. We come alongside churches, businesses, communities, regions, and entire nations to help bring about spiritual awakening, equip the revived, and provoke them into God’s destiny.  

We are raising an army of revival carrier missionaries who travel throughout territories and into the nations to work with God’s people. Our mission is to help spread the message of awakening, establish prayer altars, and bring about unity in the Body of Christ. The goal is to see spiritual awakening and a mass harvest of souls for a transforming revival.   All of this is being done with the trumpet sound of the fast approaching Day of the Lord.

Our Trainings

EGMI offers 5-days and 6-months intensive training at our New York City center.

Upon completion of the training each applicant will understand and can model the lifestyle necessary to: 

• Raise effective altars or repair broken altars anywhere in the world.
• Open the heavens and draw the presence of God on that altar.
• Engage in spiritual warfare to destroy personal darkness and its effects.
• Raise disciples who can engage in spiritual warfare to break the grip of 
darkness over territories.


Digging the Wells

Mini Boot Camp (5-days)

One-week bootcamp to learn how to dig deeper wells in your relationship with God that lead you to a lifestyle of pursuing and fulfilling destiny.


Set Apart

Bootcamp (6-months)

Raising a priesthood that can stand worthy before God on behalf of His purposes.

Message from the Founder

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Shayne Payne, Pastor

EGMI Founder and President

In every corner of our city and nation, churches and mushrooming prayer groups are crying out to God for His mercy, and revival in America.  God himself places great value on and deeply urges His people to pray. His heart longs for intercessors; yet several times in the scriptures He noted the shortage of them.   

This cry goes far beyond an office or ministry.  It is not something one volunteers to do occasionally, but rather a life given over to be lived out on a burning altar where the fire does not go out. This sacrifice produces a pleasing aroma and secure a favorable response from the throne of God.  He is looking for those who will first stand with Him, then before Him to hear His heart on behalf of the people and the land until He makes it a praise in the earth. Of all the ministries, it is the loneliest, most misunderstood and discouraging work and yet the most vital.   Intercessors do not simply offer prayers, but rather they respond to relenting and often overwhelming burdens straight from the heart of God.

For those of you walking this journey, please know that your time invested in intercession is never in vain.  The same God, who told the Prophet Samuel that He is going to look for a king, sought through many potential candidates and chose you to engage on His behalf.  Like Job, you have been considered. It pleased the great and mighty God who knows the beginning and the end to hand-pick and send you.  Many of the people you pray for may never know the investment or sacrifice you made for them.  God sees.  Many of these people you may never know.  God knows them.  He, the Faithful One will reward you for your labors. 

God is still looking, longing and patiently waiting for His intercessors today; those who will become the prayer they are offering.  He is looking for those who will first stand with Him, then before Him to hear His heart on behalf of the people and the land until He makes it a praise in the earth.  

Be encouraged. Be blessed.

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